Online Pre-registration

MUSIC GUANGZHOU postponed until further notice£¬you will be informed the latest show date officially if you complete this Pre-registration£¬and get a Fast Pass then.

Please follow the instructions and fill in the pre-registration form. After submitting the form, you will be directed to the web page which contains your registration information, while the confirmation note will be sent to you by email automatically.

To get the Visitor Badge at the expo, please bring with you the printed confirmation note on webpage or email or show our staff your pre-registration bar code on the Fast Pass Counter which is specially set for pre-registered visitors.

If you forget your pre-registration note, please show your name, company name and your phone number to our staff at the Fast Pass Counter to get the Visitor Badge with no need to register again.



  1. If you are visitors from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, we strongly recommend you to pre-register on Chinese Website£¨please click here£©
  2. Pre-registered visitors don't need to register again onsite,. However, if your information is not specific enough, you may be required to register again on site.


To ensure a successful pre-registration, please take note of the following tips
1¡¢Use IE browser to open the pre-registration page
2¡¢Select Medium for the Security level of the IE
Change Internet Explorer Security settings:
i. Click the Tools button on IE, and then Internet Options.
ii. Click the Security tab.
iii. Click on the Custom Level settings button to find the Medium option
3¡¢Lower the security level of firewall and anti-virus software
4¡¢Never click Back to register for a new visitor when the first pre-registration is done.
5¡¢To avoid network timeouts, please do not stay too long on the same page. A quick completion of pre-registration is recommended.

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